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Ivy Green, birthplace of Helen Keller.  Located in Tuscumbia, AL

A Birthday Celebration

June 02, 2021

The design of our Tuscumbia bag which holds Brazilian coffee relates to a historical female figure from the Shoals: Helen Keller.  Helen was blind and deaf as the result of a childhood illness and lived in a world of solitude and darkness for several years. Her mother never gave up on Helen and the potential for her life, and finally received a referral for Helen to see Alexander Graham Bell.  Mr. Bell suggested the Keller family contact Perkins Institute for the Blind where they were connected to Helen's lifelong teacher and friend, Anne Sullivan.  After many failed attempts to reach Helen, Anne finally opened up a whole new world to Helen as she broke through the darkness with sign language.  Helen grew up to travel the world as a communicator and an advocate for the blind.  June 27th is Helen's birthday which causes us to acknowledge the impact that every life can have on the world around them--even lives of people with disabilities.  So help us celebrate Helen's birthday and others with disabilities who impact this world in spite of or even because of their struggle by grabbing a bag of Brazilian coffee for yourself or a friend!  And if you happen to be in the Shoals in June, be sure to stop by Helen's home, "Ivy Green" for a tour of the museum and grounds or to see the annual play, "The Miracle Worker" that tells the story of her life.  While you're there be sure to stop by our partner store Logan Court and grab a tasty treat or a specialty drink made with Shoals Coffee Co coffee!