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New Shoals Coffee Co Packaging to come

The Roots of Shoals Coffee Co

February 10, 2021

Many people have commented on the bag design and overall branding of Shoals Coffee Co from the beginning. It truly has been an ongoing collaborative effort of so many locally talented artists and I thought I would share a bit of that story here.  (Stay tuned for more to come about the individual artists in later posts)  As we launch our new bag design today (see the post today on our social media), I thought it appropriate to talk about the original bag design and how one piece led to the other.   

There were so many names we considered as we began this venture of roasting great coffee.  When "Shoals Coffee Co" came to the forefront it resonated with us as a potential name, but we let it "brew" in our minds to see if that was where we wanted to land.  Over the weekend I was listening to speaker Adam Gooch talk about his recent vacation to Alaska and the amazing sites he saw that the locals obliviously took for granted.  As I listened I began to think of the many unique qualities of our area: amazing restaurants, historical landmarks and figures, even the lion that lives downtown at the university--I mean really, how many people can claim a lion living in their neighborhood?!  It occurred to me that more people needed to know about the beautiful area that we live in.  

We started with four bean types so it was a natural fit to add the names of the four major cities that comprise the Shoals to the bag design. That is where the fabulous Scott Campbell came in. He is a perfect example of the gems that are tucked quietly away in our area, and we are so fortunate to have his designs on our Vintage Logo and Shoals Love shirts as well.  His talent and appreciation for the heritage of the Shoals poured into the logo and the overall branding of our products, adding images that would represent something unique about the town named on the bag and the coffee it was paired with. And voila:  the original bag design was born and paired with our fresh coffee, drawing retailers and individuals to fall in love with our brand. 

We've been told by many that the cities named on the bags have been the inspiration for gifts mailed to loved ones who just need a taste of home, because once you've tasted life in the Shoals you know it's a life like no other.  It is a place where the river rolls right along with the blues and rock and roll music we are "fame-ous" for and keeps time with the rhythm of the train roaring down the tracks with a whistle that is almost as loud as the roar of the lion a few streets down.  

If you loved the original bag, don't worry.  We know that you will love the new designs as well as we transition to zip top closure and a stand up pouch.  And those images you came to know us by on the original packaging?  Well, another master artist, Jason Fuller came on board and moved the logo, color, and images to the front of the bag so that the beauty of the Shoals is now front and center.  (We'll share more about Jason's influence in future posts as well)

Today we pay tribute to our roots, both in area and artists, as we are forever grateful for all those who have invested their talents in bringing Shoals Coffee Co to life, and look forward to meeting all of those who will come to sow into our future. Great things are brewing at Shoals Coffee Co and the Shoals!

A believer in sharing life over coffee,

Beth Grisham

Executive Director, Shoals Coffee Co Coffee Roasters