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Behind The Scenes of Shoals Coffee Co

Behind The Scenes of Shoals Coffee Co

February 02, 2021

We decided it's finally time to add a blog to our site so that we can tell you more of the behind-the-scenes stories of Shoals Coffee Co.  Since we first started in the fall of 2018 lots of great ideas, changes, and people have come our way and we want to share some of that awesomeness with you, our favorite customer!  So keep watch in February as we begin to share more of what makes our coffee and life in the Shoals great.  We hope you'll enjoy the information and maybe even decide to stop by for a visit soon!   And by all means, if you need some Shoals Coffee Co in your town, give us a call--we would love to help you with that!

Beth Grisham


Shoals Coffee Co

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