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Working Moms--Both At Home And In The Marketplace

Working Moms--Both At Home And In The Marketplace

May 06, 2021

Working's a real thing. I honestly don't think the moms I know ever stop working whether it's working at home or holding down a 9-5 position!  They wake up being called mom until they lay their head down again at night to go to sleep as a mom...and sometimes they even hear "Mom!" in the middle of the night.  I recall those moments well, and I know for a fact that in those moments, coffee is a mom's best friend! 

Motherhood is a full-time job in and of itself without adding an outside career. But most of the women I know have dreams and goals in addition to parenting.  It may mean staying up late at night to work a second job or even rising early in the morning to make the magic happen, but there is nothing a mom won't do to care for the needs of her family.

Nothing, including the hard work of planting, growing, and harvesting coffee. It is our goal to help these women farmers meet the needs of their families by purchasing women farmed beans from farms and cooperatives that treat them fairly in pay and work conditions while also producing a quality product that you will enjoy.    

"The mission of one of the women's cooperatives we purchase from is to improve their families’ quality of life through coffee farming, and to contribute positively to their community by working together and sharing resources, knowledge, and support. While yet another group is determined to increase gender equity among its members, specifically with regards to legal complications related to gender-based restrictions on owning farmland, as well as the greater degree of difficulty women often face in security credit and financing before the harvest. They hold regular gender assemblies to discuss the women’s needs as well as to ensure their voices are heard and considered, and also educational workshops for members that are open to all. 'Our work is determined by our values such as responsibility, honesty, commitment, respect, solidarity, and competitiveness,' they say."   

We're here to tell all the moms, both here in the U.S. and abroad on the coffee farms that "You are important!"  and we value the strengths, determination, and unique aspects of beauty that each one of you offers.  Our best advice to you after a long hard day (or night) of being a mom is to grab a hug from your kids and sit down with a fresh cup of Shoals Coffee Co coffee.  It's sure to make it all better;)