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School Fundraiser Coffee

We offer four of our favorite beans for use by schools as a fundraiser campaign.  Bags are 8 oz and can be ordered as whole or ground beans.  Coffee is an item many love or love to give as a gift to others which makes it an easy item to sell.  And because it is quickly consumed it can be sold by more than one organization even within the same school!  As a matter of fact, we believe that your supporters will love our coffee which means that any group selling paves the way for the next group's success!  

We also offer the Brazilian bean in a 5 lb bag cold brew grind.  This can be used to make cold brew concentrate which can then be sold by the cup in the concession stand or even as a one day special purchase for students or teachers!  Very little work required for a big profit for your group!

As an added bonus, your school will be issued a distinct shareable code after your fundraiser ends. Your school will receive 10% of any orders placed through our website for our regularly priced coffee products using your code after your fundraiser ends.  It's just one more way we can show some love to our students and our communities!